About Us

Founder, Lee Lawrence was only 11 years old when he witnessed the shooting of his mother. During his formative years, Lee didn’t have the opportunity to do the things that most of his peers took for granted. He couldn’t worry about school work, friends, the latest fads and fashions. His main concern was being a young carer for the woman he loved the most – his mum.

But despite the tragic ordeal that was thrust upon her, Cherry continued to be an inspiration to her children, family and the community in which she lived.

Wanting to uphold the highly-spirited energy she exuded and knowing the unforgiving limits that are sometimes placed on our disabled community, Lee Lawrence, founded the charity.

The distinct lack of support became apparent whilst he cared for his mum and meant that he, and his immediate family, became increasingly aware that they had yet another uphill battle to fight.

There was no respite, no advice, but more astoundingly, no support for the children. – The youngest was just eight years old.

Growing up was hard..

Feeling frustrated and disillusioned by the system and the lack of care given to this anguished family, Lee knew something had to be done. He wanted to help others who may be facing the same hardship.

He was determined that his mother’s pain, suffering and consequent death would not be in vain.
He felt there was no single organisation that understood and supported them and very few people offered practical advice.

This inspired Lee to establish the Cherry Groce Foundation to offer some solutions to problems that affect thousands of our community members, daily.

It is easy to forget about the positive aspects of life, especially when disastrous events occur.

However, he has made a conscious decision not to be beaten, but to overcome difficult challenges.

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