Thank You for All Your Support

We the family of Dorothy ‘Cherry’ Groce, would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who played a part, however big or small, in our mission to uncover the truth.
Without your valuable support, we would have been unable to claim victory and finally have answers to questions which have plagued us for 29 years.

It has been a very long and strenuous journey but we were determined to continue to fight for our cause in honour of our beloved mum. In amongst this tragedy, she was an innocent victim.

Though our triumph is bitter sweet – mum is not here to witness this historical moment, and it is a cross we have to bear –within the boundaries set, it is the best possible outcome we could have hoped for.

Our refusal to simply give up, means that we have now exposed the extent of the devastating, ‘multiple failings’ of the Metropolitan Police during a raid on our family home.
We always knew that the shooting of our mother was not an ‘accident’. That description was a tainted picture used as a shield by the police. But their apparent coat of armour, crumbled under the formidable weight of truth and justice.



A special heartfelt thank you to Bhatt Murphy Solicitors and Dexter Dias QC who played a key role in our cause and gave us the support and expertise we desperately needed. You offered us hope and your belief was unwavering. You were vigorous and meticulous in your approach and demonstrated incomparable dedication, working long, unsociable hours late into the night. Your devotion assisted us in successfully revealing the truth.

We are, and always will be grateful to all of you for being an integral part of ‘Team Cherry’.

Chuka Umunna MP: You are an inspiration and were unafraid to show your support in such a difficult and sensitive case.

Where we had been unceremoniously let down by a system that should have protected us, your integrity and dedication towards our family cannot be ignored.

Simon Israel (Channel 4 News): You were the first broadcaster who highlighted our plight, compelled to bring our story to the forefront of the nation’s consciousness. Your genuine care and diligence helped us in reaching in our goal.

Change.Org: – It was with your support that our petition resulted in us obtaining over 130,000 signatures. You are an invaluable tool within our society and we must not forget that. Your passion for assisting those who may otherwise be silenced, makes your organisation a force to be reckoned with. You provided us with a platform which we would not have had. We pray you continue to make a difference to the lives of other, despairing families and individuals.

Inquest: Thank you for introducing us to our brilliant legal team. You gave us valuable insight and support in this complex process.

Birds Solicitors: Thank you for putting us on the right path and being involved as much as circumstances would allow.

Simon Jones: Thank you, Simon for becoming part of our family.

We would also like to thank everyone who has supported us throughout the years, especially to the 134,060 people who signed our petition.

Without you and your messages of support, we would not have been able to successfully challenge the decision made by the Legal Aid Agency, who twice refused to grant us funding at the inquest into to the untimely death of our mother.

We did not visualise being past this point. We have been faced with such disappointment and so many obstacles have been placed before us, at times it felt we were fighting a losing battle.

But we persevered and overcame these challenges.

Mum always said, ‘the truth shall set you free’ and after 29 long years, our dearly beloved mum is finally free to Rest In Peace..

The Family of Dorothy ‘Cherry’ Groce.

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